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EFFC Club Rules & Constitution

EFFC Club Rules & Conduct

As with any club there are rules and regulations that we have to adhere to for legal, insurance, environmental and administrative reasons, but also rules we have put in place to maximise your day’s enjoyment while offering a fair angling experience for both members and visitors.

Before fishing please familiarise yourself with these rules and also read the EFFC Code of Practice. Non members should read the separate rules on the Day Ticket Page.

EFFC Club Rules

Bye-Laws and Fishing Rules and Regulations. (Revised 2016)

  1. All anglers on fishing club/fishery waters must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency (EA) licence at all times. All relevant EA bye laws will be observed on club waters. Failure to provide an EA license to an appropriate official could lead to expulsion from the club/fishery.
  2. Members fishing do so at their own risk and on the understanding that the Club accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or injury to persons or property.
  3. The season shall open on the third Saturday in March each year. The season shall close on 30th November for rainbow trout, or such other date as may be recommended by the Committee and ratified in the Annual General Meeting. Close season dates specified by the Environment Agency shall take precedence.
  4. The hours of fishing are from sunrise to one hour after sunset.
  5. Day Ticket anglers, when accompanied by a current member, may fish at the same times as stipulated in the Bye-Laws, Rules and Regulations for full members.
  6. Juniors (see Constitution) shall not be allowed to fish unless accompanied by an adult member.
  7. Membership cards (or day tickets if applicable) must be produced to any authorised bailiff or any other member on request. Membership cards must be displayed at all times. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action being taken. Tickets, catches and bags must be produced on the request of any Bailiff or club member.
  8. All members must endeavour to ensure that no unauthorised fishing takes place.
  9. Fly-fishing only is allowed. Floats, spinners and ledgers are forbidden. Ground baiting or any form of bait fishing is forbidden.
  10. Only 3 fish can be killed in one day, after which the angler shall cease to fish. All brown trout should be returned to the water regardless of size.  Should a Brown Trout be hooked badly/bleeding excessively it should be dispatched as quickly and as humanely as possible and left at the waterside.  All Brown Trout shall remain the property of Errwood Fly Fishing Club and must not be taken.
  11. The number of fish taken is restricted to 6 per week (Saturday to Friday) between the dates, sizes and daily limits stipulated by the Club’s Bye-Laws, Rules and Regulations, after which the angler shall cease to fish until the following Saturday.
  12. Whether you fish or not all members will provide fish returns on a monthly basis. This must include any nil returns or confirmation that a member did not in fact fish. This is a mandatory requirement. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.
  13. No wading is allowed, or fishing from boats.
  14. Fishing is not permitted from the dam-head, or in front of the Sailing Club’s premises and under no circumstances from the pontoon.
  15. Anglers must not interfere with wild life, or with any of the Landlord’s installations.
  16. Anglers are responsible for ensuring that the banks are free of litter.
  17. The gutting of fish on the banks or in the water is strictly forbidden.
  18. Members may use the Sailing Club’s car park and facilities in the clubhouse.
  19. Members have a duty of care to ensure that the general public are aware of the dangers of fly fishing on the Club’s leased waters and to avoid casting his or her line if there is a risk of causing injury. No angler may cast his/her line if there is a possibility of its fouling any sailing boat.
  20. No radios or dogs are allowed within 30 yards of the high water mark. No fires at all.
  21. Alterations to the Bylaws and Rules can be made only at a General or Special Meeting called by the Secretary either at the request of a minimum of 10 members (who shall give 21 days notice to the Secretary) or at the request of the Committee. Such proposed alterations must be circularised to all members, 14 days before the date of the meeting.
  22. Any question of interpretation of these rules shall be determined by the Committee, whose decision shall be final.

EFFC Club Constitution

Errwood Fly Fishing Club, Club Constitution (Revised 2016)

  1. The name of the Club is the Errwood Fly Fishing Club.
  2. The object of the Club is to promote and retain the interests of its members in Fly Fishing as a sport and recreation.
  3. The Club may lease, buy, rent or otherwise obtain fishing rights or waters, buildings, rights of way or access, stock and equipment and may negotiate with any persons in the interests of providing  fishing for its members.
  4. The Club shall take necessary action to protect its rights and property and shall obtain legal or other representation as may be appropriate. It shall insure against risks as necessary.
  5. The maximum number of members shall be 130. Additionally, the maximum number of juniors shall be 10, until these numbers are increased or reduced in the Annual General Meeting.
  6. Application for membership must be in writing. The first year’s membership is probationary. The Applicant must be proposed and seconded by a member before full membership is considered by the Committee. Members cannot apply to join the committee until they have completed their probationary period.
  7. The Club may raise funds by charging for entrance fees, subscriptions and day tickets or by any other legal means as may be decided by the Committee and approved in the Annual General Meeting.
  8. The Club shall have the power to borrow or loan money and to invest money to the best advantage.
  9. Day Ticket holders will be invested with temporary membership for the date stipulated on the ticket and shall abide by the Bye-Laws, Rules and Regulations currently approved at an AGM.
  10. Subscriptions, due on the 1st January, must be paid by 21st February each year and failure to do so may result in membership being cancelled at the discretion of the Committee. The amount of entrance fee and annual subscription shall be fixed annually by the Committee and ratified at the next Annual General Meeting. Juniors (age of 18 or under on 1st April of the relevant year) shall be entitled to Junior tickets at a subscription equal to one half of the full membership fee and shall not be required to pay an entrance fee. Juniors are subject to a 3 fish per week limit.
  11. Juniors are permitted to fish only when accompanied by an adult member and must abide by the prevailing fishing limits as stipulated by the current Bye-Laws, Rules and Regulations.
  12. Members’ who are 18 years of age or over on 1st April shall pay the full subscription but when they reach the age of 18 they shall have priority over other applicants for full membership and will not be required to pay an entrance fee.
  13. Any member intending to resign from the club shall give notice of his/her intention in writing to the Honorary Secretary on or before 1st January, returning all Club property. Any member who fails to pay their subscription by 21st February risks forfeiting their membership. If such action is not taken the subscription for the year following shall be due and payable on the 28st February.
  14. Any member found guilty of breaking the Bye-Laws, Rules and Regulations may have his/her membership cancelled or suspended for a stated period by the Committee without any refund of subscription, entrance fee etc, and on notification of cancellation or suspension must cease immediately to use the facilities of the Club.
  15. The Committee reserves the right to terminate the membership of any Member who, in the Committee’s view, has behaved in a manner that may bring the Club into disrepute.
  16. The Annual General Meeting shall be in January each year, when any alterations to the Constitution, Bye-Laws, Rules and Regulations shall be decided and Officers and Committee Members shall be elected. Fourteen days’ notice of such meeting shall be given to all members.
  17. The Officers shall be Honorary Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Fishery Officer. The Committee shall consist of the four Officers and four other elected members. They shall have power to co-opt up to six members for the current year that may be required because they have special knowledge or skills to help the Committee in their work.
  18. The Committee and Officers shall be elected for a period two years; half the Officers and half the Committee being elected at each Annual General Meeting.
  19. The Honorary Secretary shall keep accurate records of all meetings and produce such records at the next meeting for approval. He/she shall attend to all correspondence and shall send out all notices of forthcoming meetings, events, new by-laws and important news to all members as instructed by the Committee.
  20. The Honorary Treasurer shall keep appropriate books of account, collect subscriptions and any monies owing to the Club, see that all monies are banked, pay accounts as instructed by the Committee and give a statement of financial account to members present at the Annual General Meeting. He/she shall keep the Committee informed of the financial position of the Club.
  21. Two auditors shall examine all accounts, payments and receipts, see that they are recorded and vouch for their correctness at or before the Annual General Meeting. The auditors shall be appointed by the Committee one month before the Annual General Meeting.
  22. The Committee may elect one of its members as Vice-Chairman; he/she will take the chair in the absence of the Honorary Chairman.
  23. Committee meetings shall take place only when there is a quorum of four members. Each member shall have one vote. The Honorary Chairman shall have a casting vote.
  24. The Committee shall have power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting of members at seven days’ notice for any special or emergency decision. Minutes of such meetings must be produced at the next Annual General Meeting for confirmation.
  25. Notices of motion may be proposed at any General Meeting by not less than 10 members. Such proposals must be notified in writing to the Honorary Secretary as least 21 days before the date of the meeting and must be circulated to all members. Any 10 members shall have the right to call a Special General Meeting by notifying the Honorary Secretary.
  26. The Committee may make such special regulations as may be necessary to meet the requirements of a fishery or of the Lessors.
  27. The Committee shall have power to appoint a special sub-committee for a period of up to three years to deal with or enquire into any activity of the Club which may be delegated to it. Such sub-committee shall be responsible to the Committee.
  28. The Committee may authorise payments to cover expenses incurred on behalf of the Club.
  29. Cheques and purchase orders must be signed by any two of the three following Officers – Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Chairman.
  30. The Committee can appoint Trustees to hold or administer assets on trust for its members. There shall be not less than two Trustees and if any Trustee resigns from the Club, or wishes to be released from his/her Trusteeship, he/she will execute all necessary documents to pass his/her interest in the lease or other assets to the new or remaining Trustees.
  31. In the event of dissolution of the Club, the Committee, after paying all liabilities, shall distribute the balance of cash in equal proportions to all fully paid- up Members with at least 5 full years of continuous membership.
  32. The Club may, at General or Extraordinary General Meeting appoint Honorary or Life Members.
  33. Should the terms of the Lease or any other condition laid down by the Landlord conflict with this Constitution or with the Byelaws, Rules and Regulations, then the former shall prevail.