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[24/10/2019] Caption Competition

Errwood Fly Fishing Club Caption Competition

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Apparently we have a caption competition, instigated by our Hon Sec, Rules are, anything goes.

Pretend your in the House of Commons, you can’t,won’t be sued or done for liable.

No one will take offence or indeed blink an eye, fill your boots.

A suitable prize awaits the best caption.

For the uninformed this is our Hon Treasurer enjoying a moment stirring his concoction of maggots and sweet corn.

Captions to be posted on the Erwood Fly Fishing Club Facebook page

We await your responses with baited breath.

David H

Chairman EFFC

Captions to be posted on the Erwood Fly Fishing Club Facebook page

[24/10/2019] Fur 'n' Feather

Ideas for communication/training

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Just a quick reminder the Fur 'n' Feather competition is this Sunday 27th October, meeting at the Club House.

8.30 to 9.30 Bacon butties.

9.30 to 3.00 Fishing comp.

3.00 to 3.30 Weight in and prize presentation.

Best three fish will win the day.

We'd love to see as many familiar faces a possible as another seasons fishng in the Peak District comes to an end.

[24/08/2019] Computer Based Communication

Ideas for communication/training

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Hi Guys

If we EFFC could organise an evening or evenings where we gave some constructive and meaningful training in the use of Facebook.

Maybe even moving on to a WhatsApp group where we could all communicate on a daily, weekly, monthly basis about fishing and related stuff, that benefit’s the membership, would you be up for it.

Your never to old to learn new tricks.

Sign up now by replying “yeah man, sic”

No, don’t, just a “yes” will suffice.

We will post this on the web site as well and if we have enough interest it will be done.

Your committee

Working towards taking EFFC into the future, tighten your seat belts

David H

[08/08/2019] Memorial Competition - 09/08/19

Memorial Competition Update

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Great news guys, the roads are clear up to Errwood for our Memorial comp.

Sandwiches will be awaiting your arrival for those getting an early dart from work or indeed those just wanting a sandwich and a brew or a beer with a group of like minded folk.

The comp will start at 6 pm and we will have a couple of hours fishing with an array of flies supplied by your club free of charge and presented in your 50th anniversary mug.

It doesn’t get any better.

See you there, spread the word.

David H

[14/07/2019] Fernilee Spinning Competition

Review of the Fernilee Spinning Competition

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As you will all be aware, today the Fernilee Spinning Competition took place.

This ever popular comp was fiercely contested and with only one prize available!!

The tension at the start of the competition was palpable, a few shaky hands, sweaty palms, nervous attempt`s to tackle up.

Spinners of all shape`s and sizes were proudly whisked out of there new packaging, a few sideways glances, then quickly returned to whence they came.

No one person prepared to show their hand, some confident with their choice and just one rod.

Others with two rods, carefully positioned so you could not quite, catch site of the end tackle.

Whilst all the time shaking hands, being friendly, passing the time of day.

Mmm nice rod, nice reel, whats that spinner? to quickly find a Gareth Kitchen in your face "you put your rod over there with mine Dad" .

All that before anyone has wet a line!!

The gamblers amongst us, those " In the know " " Tap the nose, wink, wink " I think quietly knew, the tell tale signs a certain give away.

A certain confidence not overly, yet enough.

A swagger to his step again hardly perceptible! but to the practised eye.

I`m sure a couple of us spotted him as soon a he turned up.

You know what I`m going to say,


All seen them, fished all their lives, know`s one end of a rod from the other, can smell a fish from a mile away, and there always someone`s DAD!!

You know the sort " You don`t mind if my dad has a go do you ", no of course not, because the penny has not dropped yet.

Still £100,000.00 first prize and a Mug.

Well done Jonathan Kitchen.

PS the cheque is in the post!

David Hamnett

Chairman E.F.F.C

[11/06/2019] Club Work Party. 11 - 08 - 2019

Club Work Party - Errwood Reservoir

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There will be a club work party on the 11th August @ 10.00am. Meet in the club house.

[01/06/2019] Wiltons Store

Day Ticket Outlet Change

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Please note that Wiltons store in Buxton has now closed. However, tickets are now for sale at their other shop on Bench Road Fairfield. Details are available on the Day Tickets page. As an aside, there is an excellent Chinese takeaway / chip shop next door!

[18/01/2019] AGM Venue Change.

AGM Venue change to Shady Oak, Fernilee

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Hi Guys

Please spread the word, we’re trying to contact all members to change the venue from the club house to the Shady Oak Fernilee, for our AGM.
The weather seems to be conspiring against us, Derbyshire county council do a great job of keeping Long Hill open.
Please still attend the AGM, I /we really need your feedback/direction, lots of important stuff to sort out.
Your committee needs you.
I’m making some lovely sandwiches for you all, James the main man at the Shady is looking forward to meeting you all.
James is also a really good guy, please support him, you will be seeing a lot more of him.

David H