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[01/12/2017] Orvis - Flies, Pies and Pints

Flies, Pies and Pints, Orvis, in aid of Fishing For Heroes, 08/12/17

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For the fourth year running, Orvis Bakewell are hosting a Flies, Pies and Pints evening in aid of Fishing For Heroes.

We would like to invite you and your members to take part in a special evening of superb guest fly-tyers, whilst you enjoy a glass of bubbly and a selection of treats. Get prepared for Christmas whist mingling with like-minded fishing enthusiast as you sample delicious pies provided by the Cumbrian Pie Company, and local beers.

This year, for the first time we will be holding an auction to raise money for the fantastic charity ‘Fishing For Heroes’ – so come, grab yourself a bargain – whether it be a treat for yourself or Christmas presents for someone else, you can be assured you’re helping our Heroes.

The details of the event are as follows:

FRIDAY 8TH DECEMBER – 18:00-21:00

DE45 1DZ

If you could please give us an indication of how many of your members are attending, we would be most grateful.

Kind Regards,

The Orvis Bakewell Store

The Orvis Company, Inc.
The Old Town Hall, King Street
Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1DZ
direct – 01629 810226
email –

[10/11/2017] EA Survey

EA Survey of Errwood Reservoir

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Hi Guys.

We [your committee] jumped at the chance when asked by our friends at the EA, if they could trial their Rib with fish finder and water quality tester on board.

An opportunity that we couldn't refuse, 3 k worth of fish finder and 5 k worth of water quality tester.

Firstly we had to clear this with our lease holders, United Utilities, who were only to happy to let us proceed, a measure of their confidence in the quality of their water, which most of us drink.

With everything in place I had the pleasure of accompanying them on the survey, a comprehensive sweep of the reservoir was undertaken, incorporating the margins, casting distance and the central areas of our reservoir.

We took water samples at the three main inlets and also at a few points around the main basin.

The results were perhaps as one would expect.

I will try to explain them as I see them, bearing in mind I was a property developer not a scientist.

I tried to take pictures of the fish finder screen which incorporates the depth the fish were at, anticipating them to be at depth, you can imagine my surprise to see a lot of fish around 2 metres, with some of the larger fish clearly leading the pack.

When viewing the pictures bear in mind that the view is a narrow view immediately under the rear of the rib, which was moving at around two knots [half walking speed].

So the view is a cake slice under and to the rear of the boat, when seeing a lot of fish together it is therefore reasonable to assume that either side of these fish are more fish in the same shoal.

The finder pictures spikes which are not an indication of varying heights, more like slight spits of varying levels, bear in mind when viewing its a moving boat.

The levels seen on the right hand side however are a true reflection of the position of the fish in the water, remarkably a lot of the larger fish are predominantly at shallower depths.

There will be a big fish caught before the season ends, mark my words.

I will attempt to give a brief explanation of the water quality readings.

Probably the most important level on the scale is the PH reading, on a scale of 0 through to 14.

0 would be a reading gained from testing battery acid.

14 from testing LYE a caustic substance used in making soap.

Notably fish will die in a reading from obviously 0 through to 4.

Again acid rain can fall into this zone, normal ranges for rain is 5 to 6.5.

the higher end of the scale would see baking soda, milk of magnesia and ammonia.

Milk would fall into the PH neutral zone as would normal stream water.

And more importantly, as does Errwood Reservoir water.

We took samples from 6/7 points around the reservoir and all the readings were around the 7 mark or very close, PERFECT.

The top reading is the water temp, which at 9.6 degrees C is why the fish remain at relatively high levels.

DO is the dissolved oxygen levels. This is the amount of gaseous oxygen dissolved in the water, either by direct absorbtion from the atmosphere, rapid movement, or as a waste product of plant photosynthesis.

Oxygen dissolves easier in cooler water than warm water.

Again the readings are well within what we would expect to see on our water.

The SPC readings are an indication of the ability of the water to pass an electrical current, which increases with the amount of dissolved ionic solids [ie salts].

Beyond my comprehension but assured the levels are within range.

The NH figures are something to do with the suspended sediment concentration, which again are with perimeters.

That`s about as technical as I get, if you know any better I would be more than happy to sit and have the conversation with you.

So where are the fish, It will come as no surprise to find out all three inlets have an alarming number of fish at varying levels.

We saw some very big fish amongst the shoals and as previously stated they tend to be at higher levels.

When viewing the photo`s fish over 3 lb show as a small fish symbol, the slightly bigger symbol is around the 4 lb to 6 lb mark and the very big symbol is around 8 lb to 10 lb mark fish over this size actually have a weight allocated to them, we didn't cover any fish over 10 lb however we all know they are there.

Fish under 3 lb show as a dot, but so do minnows and brown trout fry, as would anything suspended in the water.

In the centre of the reservoir were what could only be described as clouds of fish shoals.

The results on the whole were very satisfying, the stocking policy was discussed and agreed to be suitable for the environment, a testament to David Fowler and his team.

A conversation had in regard to cormorants, whilst the numbers vary it is our considered opinion that the mere presence will drive fish down to take whatever cover they can find.

This is an area we need to concentrate on, whatever your views in regard to these birds, I fear we have come to a decisive moment and I think a licence needs to be applied for!!

Fishing in November.

Long leaders and a sink tip, a bit of weight in the fly.

Intermediate lines fished slow [ if you must ].

Weighted Caddis or something like on the point.

Feeling energetic get up either gulley fish around 10 to 15 feet deep slowly.

But then, better still ask Growler he will tell you I talk B******ks and put you on fish.

Tight Lines Guys

Roses are red, Violets are blue,

Watch out Errwood's big fish, I am coming for you.

David Hamnett

Need to do more fishing, and less of this S**t.

[05/11/2017] Chasing Crocodiles

Errwood Sailing Club, Aviva Community Funded Project

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Please have a look, and cast a vote for our friends at Errwood Sailing Club's Project to purchase dinghies specifically for juniors, using the generous grant funding offered by Aviva Community Fund.

Visit Aviva Community Fund Website and find out more about this project.

[28/10/2017] Fur & Feather 2017

Errwood Fur & Feather & Grand Auction

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Hi Guys

Well where should I start.

What a day the Fur and Feather competition turned out to be, the weather was probably as near perfect as one could wish for.

Between 40 and 50 Fly Fishermen came armed with a vast array of flies, and at 10am the banks at Errwood looked like we had put a fence around the waters edge.

However all the merriment, anticipation and thoughts of a six fish limit were soon dashed.

The comp had all the elements of being a great days fishing with only one key factor missing!..... FISH.

Thank god for Chris and Duncan and the 60 or so Bacon Butties we consumed before we went out, with rods flashing back and forth, it looked to the onlooker like we were practising a Mexican wave for four hours. sustained by the calorie intake.

THREE FISH................Dear God.

There`s not many comps where I can remember all the catch weights.

But well done to Mike Bexley for his winning fish 2lb 2ozs not only winning the comp but also the Biggest fish trophy.

All back in the club house for 2 o'clock and some warming broth, thanks to Chris Wilson.

The support for the raffle by you guys was exceptional, poor old Gordon spent the whole comp folding raffle tickets, again thanks to everyone for the donations.

The main event "The Charity Auction" had over 50 lots, again generously donated by the membership.

Saturday afternoon found Don Hough and Gordon numbering lots and listing in preparation for the event.

With every single lot being sold, we had a sneaky suspicion we had done OK.

The latest update from our own auctioneer Henry reveals a massive £1962............... YES...............£1962.

What an absolutely fabulous total for the season, a massive thank you to each and everyone of you for your generosity, a massive thank you to your committee for their time and effort.

A fantastic end to a fantastic season.

David Hamnett

Even prouder to be your Chairman.

[28/09/2017] Events Round Up.

Pegs, Pies & Pints & the Carsington Boat Competition.

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A quick round up of the last two EFFC events.

Last week EFFC took over Carsington Reservoir with every boat, including both Wheelie boats, being used by the Club. Weather conditions were perfect with a very light breeze and a slightly over cast day, but low water levels and south easterly wind made the fish hard to locate.

Dave Lockett and Ray Billings found the fish and quickly found the method to catch them and between them dominated the competition taking heaviest combined bag of 21lb 8oz, best fish of 3lb 7oz (Dave Lockett) and best bag of 4 fish, 10lb 13oz (Ray Billings). Over 70 fish were caught on the day.

If the weather was perfect for the Carsington competition the Pegs, Pies & Pints held on Errwood on the 9th September was anything but! Torrential rain, hail, strong winds and even thunder and lightning made the conditions challenging to say the least, however the pies were hot and tasty and the club house gave sanctuary from the inclimate weather.

Steve Redfern won the event, just pipping Bob Bilsland by an ounce on a day when keeping dry was deemed a success.

Thanks to everyone who supported the raffle, over £200 was raised towards our Club charities.

[23/08/2017] Works at Fernilee

New Water Pipeline

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Hi guys

Just a short note, United Utilities are undertaking some works on the East bank at Fernilee.
We are assured that the works will not affect either of our waters.
They are laying a new water pipeline along the east bank.
Work will commence on the 1st September and last for approximately 4 weeks.
If anyone should be inconvenienced please inform myself in a timely fashion so we can raise any concerns.

Tight Lines

David Hamnett
Chairman Errwood Fly Fishing Club.

[12/08/2017] Match Result

The Eddie Blamey Memorial Competition

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Who'd have thought you could have so much fun at a Memorial Comp.

As you are all aware, last evening was the Memorial comp, sadly in memory of Maurice Oldfield.
Eddie Blamey passed away in 2013 and we have fished the comp since, so we are in our fourth year already.
As I always say on the night we do not mourn the passing but celebrate the life of our dear departed.
I know if Maurice was there last night he would have loved it, as he loved our club.

Sausage rolls and pies greeted our members and were eagerly devoured, building up stamina to face what was to be another wet evening.

At first I thought Eddie was sending the bad weather as some sort of retribution for him not being with us. But prefer to think he sends it to keep the midges away. I would much prefer to fish in the rain than in clouds of the dreaded "Errwood midge".

We sold "T" shirts and mugs [ Thanks go to David Lockett for his very generous donation of mugs to help us raise money] football cards and a raffle all contributed to us raising over £260 on the night.
A fantastic effort and my thanks go to everyone for their generosity.

The competition was fought over 3 hours with almost everyone braving the drizzle to the very end.

In third place:     Alex from Orvis     4 lb 7 ozs.
Second place:     David Lockett     5 lb 9 ozs.
First Place:        Ray Billings     5 lb 13 ozs.

Well done to Ray, three fish in difficult conditions.

We drew the raffle [ prizes generously donated ] announced the winners of the football cards, Myself and Gordon won the football cards and donated our winnings to the charity.

We all made our way home hopefully like me, still a little damp but with a warm glow inside.

Thanks for everyone's support and generosity.

Until the next time Tight Lines

David Hamnett
Chairman EFFC.

[03/08/2017] The Eddie Blamey Memorial Competition

Reminder Friday 11th August 2017

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Hi Guys and Gals

Just a quick reminder about the Memorial Comp, Friday 11th August 2017. Competition to commence at 6 pm refreshments available from 5 pm.

All members welcome, no need to book.

We will be trying to raise some monies for our charities, with Errwood Fly Fishing Club "T" Shirts available to buy, a raffle on the evening and anything else we can come up with.

As always feel free to bring a friend.

Look forwards to seeing as many of you there as possible

Regards David Hamnett

Chairman EFFC.

[03/08/2017] News Update

News update from David Hamnett, Club Chairman

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Ladies and gentlemen. I hope this letter finds you all fit and well and enjoying your season.

I myself have enjoyed a few visits to Fernilee and whilst last season success was limited, I think I am getting the knack of this perch fishing and recently had ten on one visit.
Also of note was a fine natural brownie around a pound and a quarter, stunning fish.
All were, of course returned to fight another day.

So what is your committee up to!

We decided that because Errwood is 50 years old this year we would do something to support the local agencies operating in and around the valley.
We chose the Air ambulance and the Mountain rescue.
Both do sterling work and can only exist with the help of charitable donations, it is, to that end we thought we could help.

At the next few competitions we shall have raffles and an array of things to sell, notably EFFC "T" shirts and anything else we can lay our hands on.

Please…. if you have anything at all you think we could make a profit on please contact myself through the usual channels, old fishing tackle, new fishing tackle, wine, old bottles of single malt, you know the sort of stuff, we will hold an auction at the fur and feather.

We shall be holding a competition at Carsington on the 24th September, as you are aware we have a number of tickets available there, so the cost will only be £35 for the boat for the day for two.
YES for two!

Please email
Or phone 07734 868533 or 0161 456 0056

The cost also includes a contribution to our charities.

There are limited places available for this comp so please book early to ensure a place and a boat.
Feel free to bring a friend as your boat partner, your partner on the day doesn't have to be a member, the more the merrier.

Let’s not forget our Pegs Pies and Pints comp at Errwood on the 9th September, I look forward to seeing as many members as possible, again please feel free to bring a friend.

We will of course round the season off with the ever popular Fur and Feather comp on the 29th October.

So a busy time ahead, your committee is, as always, working hard in the background to ensure that membership of EFFC is "THE" most enjoyable experience.

I know each and every one of you will do their utmost to support them.

Regards David Hamnett.

Chairman Errwood Fly Fishing Club.

[05/06/2017] Errwood Open

Ladybower Boat Fishing Competition

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The date, 4th June.The time and venue, 8.30am Ladybower Reservoir, and 22 of Errwood's finest were all tackled up and ready for the biggest day in the fishing calendar!

Having all consumed a first rate bacon sandwich, it was time for battle to commence, and one of the first boats out was that of Mick Prince and last year's victor, Dave Fowler. Feeding off all the "goodwill" from his fellow competitors, Growler was soon into fish in his favoured spot, but would it be enough this year?

The flotilla that followed contained a mix of enthusiastic anglers, who then scattered to all parts, hopefully all to return safely for the 4.00pm weigh in.

Staffordshire was well represented, and had some early success, as did Don Hough, Kev Pike and the Stonnard boys, but elsewhere it turned out to be hard fishing in most areas, and it wasn't long before most boats joined the Bilsland/Redfern, Lowton/Patterson dream teams near to the dam head.

After some much needed steering practice, Hon Sec and new treasurer Henry "two bacon butties" Phillips eventually entered the fray (with the former wondering how he'd been talked into subsidising the latter's day ticket to the tune of £5), but as with young guns Booth and Tomlinson, they found the going tough.

As the afternoon rain descended Bob Bilsland was cursing the fact that having bagged up, all subsequent catch and release fish were upwards of 5lbs, and Mick Prince had decided to start his own private coarse fishing comp, which he duly won with an 8lbs Pike.

And so to the weigh in, and.......... the results!!!

In one of the closest finishes that anyone could remember, and with a total weight of 9lbs 10 ozs, the winner was declared as Bakewell's very own Stephen Redfern, having just pipped fellow new EFFC member Ian Patterson, by a single ounce.

Other four fish competitors were Kev Pike/Growler/ Bob Bilsland (apologies if I've missed anyone).

Many congratulations to "Redders", a worthy winner, and commiserations to Ian, a creditable second. Thank you one and all for making the occasion such an enjoyable day out.

See you all at the next comp........

Errwood- Eddie Blamey Memorial Cup - Friday evening 11th August 6pm-9pm Dry Fly only!

In the meantime, tight lines.


[30/05/2017] Catch Returns

Online catch returns

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For those members wishing to submit their catch returns online there is a link on the bottom left of every page on this website. Alternatively returns can be emailed directly to the Fishery Officer via

[29/05/2017] New Website

EFFC new website

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If you are reading this then you have discovered EFFC's new website. The website has been designed to be viewed across all common devices and will hopefully be able to give access to all required information and items of interest.